Sand Art Performances

I can perform a story from my repertoire, or I can create a new story tailored to a specific theme or context. Performances can be  accompanied by a recorded soundtrack or live music.

• Arts and Music Festivals,

• Large community events, 

• Public Celebrations

• Artists Collaborations


Customised Corporate

I can customise a story to illustrate a specific themes or subject. These can be used for entertainment purposes by arts or public organisations, and private businesses.

• Private Corporate Commissions

• For internally use by large organisations

• Corporate Entertainment

• Large Themed Conferences

Private Stories

I can create personalised Sand Art stories which are unique, customised artworks that celebrate your life-events.  They can be performed with either a recorded soundtrack or with live musicians.

• Perfect for as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays

• Life events and milestones.

Turn your story into a piece of artShare your story or other life events and milestones.

Sand Art

Live Sand Art Performance Pieces

Creative Process - working together

I will meet the client(s) and get to know them and their story. We will brainstorm ideas and images. The client should provide photos etc. as a visual reference. At least 6 weeks should be allowed for development of the story and performance. With the clients input I will create a unique personalised artwork celebrating the occasion. I perform it live at the event and the story is produced as a video.

  • Consultation

  • Creation

  • Client Approval & Perform

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